I’d take facing off with this elephant any day, over sharing a tent with a spider!

Chrystina (Xtina) Geagan Parks is an African wildlife photographer, a filmmaker, an think out of the box sort of conservationist, and an expedition leader. She spends her time balancing life working on the continent of Africa to protect endangered species, to discover more about our world, and to help people along the way, however she can. Through the lens of her Nikon cameras, and by filming the adventures encountered being in the African savannahs and jungles, Chrystina hopes to learn, grow, contemplate, and inspire others to make a difference in the goal to save habitat and wildlife from extinction and persecution.


Xtina Studios is currently filming a documentary and a television series focused on an eclectic team of researchers and conservationists, lead by Xtina Geagan Parks, while they work to save endangered species through surveying remote places on research expeditions utilizing camera traps (trail cams).


Roam: A Xtina Parks Gallery focuses on photography of the natural world. The gallery is located at the Mass MoCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) campus in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. ROAM will showcase Chrystina’s extensive body of work, as well as exhibit both well-known and up-and- coming photographers and African artists from around the world. The gallery is aimed to increase awareness of the global efforts being made by nature and wildlife photographers, and also artists and organizations, and a portion of all proceeds will be donated back to African wildlife conservation efforts.
Opening Spring 2018.

Chrystina is a Getty Images Contributor for both film and photography. She is a strong supporter of The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and donates her time to photograph wildlife for their promotional efforts, and is a supporter of WildAid. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally in exhibitions and various publications.

Xtina pursues the highest ethical photographic standards when photographing wildlife. What is important are the rights of animals, and a shot is not worth jeopardizing another beings’ life or comfort. And when she sees these ethics being broken, well, “Hell hath no fury…”

When in the land of the giants, let giants live as they choose… and be grateful for a glimpse into that oh so mystical, majestic, awe-inspiring land!
— Chrystina (Xtina) Geagan Parks